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"To embrace all aspects of self: the masculine and the feminine, the divine and the human, the resilience and the vulnerability, this is the core of [Canon]. And it’s important to remember that these aren’t issues that belong to Peru exclusively, these are issues of humanity that belong to the world." 

Maria Brito, Huffington Post

"[Canon is] a beautifully aggressive, raw and ever-thoughtful experience. Every image is worth considering and every word worth reading."

David Graver, Cool Hunting

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"Canon," an exhibition by collaborative artists Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek, functions on two very different levels. On one hand, it’s a celebration of Peru and its people, landscapes, and traditions. On the other, it’s a scathing critique of the country’s alarming disregard for LGBT rights." 

Bridget Gleeson, Artsy