Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek awarded the 2019 Fellowship in Photography

from the Mass Cultural Council for their series: Fatherland


“Maricielo” selected among the best photos of 2018 by DAZED DIGITAL

“In our uncertain social and political climate, this year photography was a powerful tool for exposure and change across the globe. In a turbulent world, photography holds up a mirror to ourselves, and a window into others’. As the uncertainty swirls, the camera can help us make sense of it all. 2018 was no exception, and photographers from all over the world used their lens to cover social, political, and economic issues from their communities and the places they have been welcomed into: whether this was the fights for abortion rights in El Salvador, or for trans rights in Peru. Some of our favourite photos this year showed the complexity of femininity in China, and the reality of life for Palestinian youth living on the Gaza Strip.”


 NEWS: Recipients of an artist's residency at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA): Nov/Dec 2018

NEWS: Second time’s a charm! We’re honored to have been selected among the Top 50 of Photolucida’s 2018 Critical Mass, with our “Padre Patria (Fatherland)” series! The aim of Critical Mass is to promote the best emerging and mid-career artists working today. Critical Mass is an annual online program that makes connections within the photography community. Through a pre-screening process, the field is narrowed to a group of 200 finalists who go on to have their work viewed and voted on by over 200 esteemed international photography professionals. From the finalist group, the Top 50 are named and a series of awards are given.

MAGAZINE FEATURE: Fatherland in Stern CRIME (Germany) issue #20

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"To embrace all aspects of self: the masculine and the feminine, the divine and the human, the resilience and the vulnerability, this is the core of [Canon]. And it’s important to remember that these aren’t issues that belong to Peru exclusively, these are issues of humanity that belong to the world." 

Maria Brito, Huffington Post

"[Canon is] a beautifully aggressive, raw and ever-thoughtful experience. Every image is worth considering and every word worth reading."

David Graver, Cool Hunting

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"Canon," an exhibition by collaborative artists Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek, functions on two very different levels. On one hand, it’s a celebration of Peru and its people, landscapes, and traditions. On the other, it’s a scathing critique of the country’s alarming disregard for LGBT rights." 

Bridget Gleeson, Artsy


"Despite the ruckus their exhibition has caused, or indeed because of it, Barboza-Gubo and Mroczek have brought the LGBTQI issues in Peru into the public domain, exposing both the influence of Catholicism on society, but also reflecting the desire to change and move forward."

Frances Jenner, Peru Reports